Leonardo Angelini (2010 – 2013)

Title:Using Physical Artifact to Improve Gesture Recognition

Abstract: This PhD thesisĀ aims at finding a new interaction model based on gestures that should be possibly natural and economic for the user, from the point of view either of the physical effort or the cognitive load for learning and remembering gestures. To this purpose, the category of tangible gestures, i.e., gestures performed in relation to real objects, will be explored in depth. Tangible gesture interaction aims at exploiting the advantages of combining the interaction with objects (tangible interaction), and gestural interaction. In order to advance in this field, a framework that describes and classifies tangible gestures is conceived: the Tangible Gesture Interaction Framework. The framework analyzes both physical and semantic forms of tangible gestures. Moreover technological approaches for the recognition of tangible gestures are discussed in this framework.

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