Research activities


Research activities as member of HumanTech

HumanTech is dealing in general with information system engineering. Engineering is about the systematic application of scientific knowledge in creating and building cost-effective solutions to practical problems. It involves several technical challenges and issues concerning the systems interoperability, the integration processes, the standardization of data exchange and finally, the audio, image and video processing. We focus on several Core expertise’s & Research domains:

Document Engineering

Document Engineering is evolving as a new scientific discipline for specifying, designing, and implementing systems belonging to very different business domains by using XML technology. The essence of Document Engineering is the analysis and design methods that yield formal models to describe these systems in a more understandable and standard way. Document Engineering aims at proposing a unified modelling technique for both application and data by considering both as documents.

Model Engineering

Model Engineering is an approach which considers models as first class entities. A model is an artifact that conforms to a metamodel and that represents a given aspect of a system. Model Engineering aims at broadening the concept of Model-Driven Architecture, which separates platform specific from platform independent system models. This will enable to make the general concept more flexible and guarantee the separation of every point of view of the system, i.e. describe any aspect (point of view) of a system using different models and respectively conform to specific metamodels. For aspect we mean anything concerning system design, development and maintenance (functional aspects but also non functional as quality of services, security or reliability).

Web Engineering

Web Engineering is concerned with the establishment and use of sound scientific, engineering management principles, as well as disciplined and systematic approaches to the successful development, deployment, maintenance of high quality Web sites, Web-based systems and applications. It incorporates best practices and advances in software engineering, hypertext engineering and other disciplines that impact on Web-based system application development. Web Engineering deals with all aspects of Web-based system development and deployment, starting from conception and development to implementation, performance evaluation, and continual maintenance.

Multimedia Processing

Multimedia Processing (Audio, video & image processing) The word « multimedia » is more than the simple combination of text, audio, images, graphics and video. The interactions among these media, and their interaction with humans, networks, and storage media, are what really make multimedia research exciting. The MIS has wide interests in various signal-processing techniques for multimedia applications, multimodal human-computer interaction, virtual collaborative environments, computer & graphic vision, and content-based multimedia retrieval. The goal is to develop both the theory and the tools for real world applications from various domains.